On the surface, decorative concrete simply dresses up an underlying concrete base, making it more aesthetically pleasing by enabling imprinted designs in a variety of colors. However, decorative concrete has secondary benefits in cost and time savings. This is because many jobs which can use decorative concrete are replacing more expensive materials.  A patio could be made of stone blocks, or could be made of concrete with a stone pattern. In most cases, the decorative concrete solution will be much more efficient to install, leading to time savings for the contractor and cost savings for the customer.

With its variety of colors and textures, decorative concrete can also be used in novel areas, such as countertops. Decorative concrete includes countertops, stains, dyes, stamping, textures, stencils and more.  Contractors can use decorative concrete in commercial applications as well as residential settings.

George L. Wilson carries products such as integral color, stamps, tools and chemicals from Butterfield, Solomon Color, Brickform and Proline. Several of our locations also rent stamp forms, which is especially convenient for contractors doing decorative concrete jobs.

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