Concrete curing is the process of maintaining adequate moisture and temperature when concrete is poured so that it achieves its rated strength and durability. This is an important step in building long lasting concrete roads, bridges, overpasses and buildings. There are various methods to cure concrete. These curing methods center around controlling moisture and temperature of the concrete during the curing process, which takes days to complete. Some systems are physical, such as burlap or blankets which cover the concrete and have to be watered. Often these concrete sections need to be sealed later, to protect against water intrusion into the concrete. Some of the most efficient curing systems are chemical coatings, which create a micro-environment of consistent moisture and seal the concrete at the same time, through chemical processes.
George L. Wilson supplies contractors with a variety of curing blankets. We also carry a wide variety of Curing and Sealing Products from well-known name brands such as W. R. Meadows, BASF, Euclid, Ardex, Prosoco, Vexcon and Densicrete by Wicktek, Inc.