Tools, tools, tools. Construction projects, large and small, require proper tools and accessories to correctly implement designs. From the simplest nails to the most complicated floor grinder, tools are critical for success. George L. Wilson carries professional grade hand tools, power tools and equipment for your job site needs.

Concrete work requires a number of hand tools such as bull floats, Kumalong concrete spreaders, edgers and more. George L. Wilson carries a complete line of hand tools for concrete work.

George L. Wilson also carries caulking guns, sausage guns, brooms, rollers and all tools and accessories commonly used at the construction job site. Specialized tools, such as power tie-wire guns are also available. Additionally, George L. Wilson carries cutting blades, bits and a variety of screws, nuts and bolts.

Larger pieces of equipment, such as floor grinders can be bought or, in some locations, rented.