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Superior Aluminum Products, Inc.

May 6, 2020

Series 550 Aluminum Pipe Picket Railing

The Series 550 Aluminum Pipe was recently installed at a site in Buckhannon, WV.

Superior Railing

The railing is made to order based on the size specifications of the job site. With height, length, style, and color as customization options, having a unique railing solution is within reach.

Many pipe picket railing options on the market are welded or use bulky brackets to combine railing sections. Superior pipe picket railing, on the other hand, utilizes custom built cross tee sections to allow all railing to run in continuous lengths, no unsightly weld marks or bulky brackets to be found. A strong, code-compliant build along with a continuous design creates a finished product that is a unique combination of durable and beautiful.

Whether you are adding railing for aesthetics or safety reasons, George L. Wilson has the right railing for your needs.


  • Commercial Locations (Restaurants, Businesses, etc.)
  • Multi-Family Buildings
  • Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Medical Facilities
  • Churches