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Stamped Concrete Over Existing Concrete

June 16, 2020

A frequently asked question is….”How to get stamped concrete over existing concrete?”   To remove and replace existing concrete is costly and time consuming.    Thanks to stamped concrete overlays, it is possible to place stamped concrete over existing concrete.

The following information is from the Solomon Colors informational page.

Stamped concrete is attractive and a premium flooring and paving option that gives a wide range of benefits that make it a desirable alternative to pavers, standard concrete or stone. Stamp concrete may be colored using any combination of integral colors, color hardeners or stains.  Call your local George L. Wilson representative for more information on color, stamps, tools, etc.

Always carefully inspect the concrete for any structural damage, because it will cause problems if the concrete is damaged.  Cracking and shifting will cause the overlay to break also.The overlay will not adhere to a surface that is deteriorating. The concrete must be structurally sound.

The best way to get stamped concrete over existing concrete is a stampable overlay. Stampable overlays are a thick overlay capable of accepting texture from stamps. These overlays are much thicker than microtoppings but not as much as a self-leveling overlay. Stampable overlays are made from a special blend on polymers, fine aggregates, and cement. This composition creates a durable and easily workable material well suited for texturing. In many keys aspects, stampable overlays act and perform just like concrete.

Stampable Overlay1    Stampable Overlay 2    Stampable Overlay 3

To learn more about stamped concrete over existing concrete, please call your local George L. Wilson Sales Rep.