Outstanding Review! Thank you!

June 21, 2022

THANK YOU RAY O. for the RAVING REVIEW ! We at GLW appreciate your support!

Ray stated “If any of u have been following my feed for the last month or so, you have seen how we r building a bridge over I-70 in Pittsburgh at a fairly incredible rate. 1 month from starting footers to setting beams, at least that is quick for me. I always call out the men I have working me as they actually do the work. But there is another group that helps me do my job that I don’t mention enuf and that is the people that provide the materials I need to build. One that has really stood out time and time again is Rob Mika from #GeorgeWilson. Not just here but wherever I was working over the years, Rob has consistently provided materials, research for application, and correct certification when I need the help. Thx Rob.”

Nice job Rob Mika!