Clemons Super Seal-19 VT
This product is available in West Virgina only!

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Superseal 19 is a low VOC, solvent-based cure and seal with high solids (25%) formulated to dry slow and have spray-ability.  Two coats are preferred to one thick coat.  Can be used for resealing previously sealed surfaces.  UV resistant.


    • High Gloss and Matte

    • 19% Styrene Acrylic Concrete Sealer/Curing Aid

    • Solvent based Concrete Cure and Sealer

    • Slowest drying No acetone

    • Great for most types concrete

    • Wet look enhances color on decorative concrete

    • Not for cured broom finished concrete

    • <400 g/L meets low VOC standards of OTC & LADCO

    • Low VOC