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SUPER POLY is a tough, high solids aliphatic poly-urea system that protects and beautifies concrete surfaces. SUPER POLY is stocked at 82%solids for ideal flow and leveling but 100% solids can be made upon request. The application of SUPER POLY to concrete results in a high-gloss, abrasion resistant surface that can tolerate temperatures up to 350° F.

This two-component system has excellent adhesion to concrete and quick return-to-service time. SUPER POLY can be applied with a roller, brush, airless sprayer, or wire gauge rake and spiked roller. SUPER POLY is waterproof if film is not broken. For interior use only.


  • 82% solids two-component system

  • Adds high gloss and abrasion resistance to cured concrete floors

  • Quick return to service time

  • Elongation strength of 300% for less cracking from expansion and contraction of concrete

  • Packaged in gallon and quart kits for convenience

  • 1 to 1 mix ratio of part A to Part B

  • C PRIMER ADDITIVE required for Primer Coat

  • Concrete must cure 28 days prior to application