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Kraft Tools 30" Asphalt Placer Lute with Wooden Handle

Kraft Tools 30″ Asphalt Placer Lute is made of strong, durable, yet feather light Genuine Extru-Liteā„¢ magnesium blade. This heavy-duty asphalt lute head is designed for moving asphalt and associated materials. The head features a right angle blade creating the proper leverage for moving asphalt and rock. The head can be flipped to use the top for smoothing and finishing. The cast aluminum, T-shaped bracket provides a strong joint between the head and handle, while the bottom of the bracket is reinforced as it spreads out along the head, where two bolts secure the bracket to the head. This heavy-duty lute stands up to the heat of working with asphalt, and round to square wood handle adds comfort and a great grip. Made in the USA