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High Performance Industrial Markers and Paint Markers for the Professional

As one of the largest manufacturers of industrial paint markers in the world, the J.P Nissen Company has been manufacturing industrial paint markers and paint pens for industrial purposes ranging from manufacturing, and fabrication to construction and design since 1923. Our each markers is manufactured to the highest standards for durability, accuracy and long life while still being convenient and ergonomic for constant use.

Nissen markers are manufactured to fill the needs of the most demanding professionals. This ranges from the highly varied metal-marking industry to textiles, plastics, glass, lumber/forestry, automotive and many more. Nissen markers deliver for specific uses and environments while remaining versatile to handle a wide variety of materials under almost any surface or environmental condition.

A number of industrial markers are designed for specific tolerances and regulations ranging from high temperature and wet environments to application needs where ultraviolet identification and specific process-step permanence are ideal. Nissen is more than just industrial markers; we are the home for a wide array of industrial marking tools and accessories that includes soapstone and soapstone holders, metal scribes, welders pencils, temperature sticks, and much more.

Nissen Product Catalog

felttip maker

The Nissen Feltip Paint Marker dispenses a fast-drying, high-gloss enamel paint for permanent marking, lettering, coding and numbering of both interior and exterior surfaces. Specifically designed paint formula for long lasting, bold marks under the harshest conditions.

For sheer versatility, you can’t beat Nissen’s Feltip Paint Markers. These high-gloss enamel paint markers provide precise and permanent markings on a variety of interior and exterior material surfaces whether they are wet, dry, oily, rough or smooth. You can mark on almost any porous or non-porous surface such as metals, plastics, printed circuit boards, glass, wood, paper, leather, textiles and much more. These enamel and feltip paint markers leave a mark that resists chipping and fading and any amount of rubbing to stay clear and legible. That’s due to our one-of-a-kind precision valve that regulates paint flow through the tip for an even and accurate writing application.

  • Marks on metal, plastic, glass, wood, cardboard, leather, textiles, etc.
  • Writes on any surface: porous or non-porous, rough or smooth, wet, oily or dry
  • Precision valve accurately meters flow, so the right amount of paint passes through the tip
  • Marks are permanent: they won’t chip, peel, fade or rub off
  • Cured marks will withstand temperatures in excess of 600°F/300°C
  • The most durable nib in the industry allows for full use of the marker
  • Available in 16 high gloss-colors and 2 high visibility fluorescent colors
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CrayonThe Nissen Lumber Crayon will make a bright, durable and waterproof mark on wood, stone, rubber, or paper. These crayons are ideal for marking wet wood and timber.

  • Special formula lasts longer than wax or chalk crayons
  • Marks on any surface: rough or smooth, wet, oily or dry
  • Marks are permanent: they won’t chip, peel, fade or rub off
  • They withstand heat, weathering and UV
  • Available in 6 bright colors
  • Size 4-½'' x ½'' hexagonal shape
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SoapstoneNatural soapstone is used for temporary marking of metals during welding and fabricating operations. It will not contaminate the welds. It is also used for temporary marking of textiles. Our products are a milky white high grade soapstone available in four sizes, and packed 144 per box. Now available in a fine line flat version (1/16'' 1.6mm thick) which does not need sharpening.

  • Flat 5" x ½" x 3/16" (127mm x 12.7mm x 4.8mm)
  • Flat Fine Line 5" x ½" x 1/16" (127mm x 12.7mm x 1.6mm)
  • Round 5" x ¼" (127mm x 6.4mm)
  • Square 5" x ¼" x ¼" (127mm x 6.4mm x 6.4mm)
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Durable holders are available to protect and dispense the soapstone. Available to fit flat, flat fine line, and round soapstones


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