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When it comes to concrete sawing and drilling, we have all the tools you need to get the job done!

C14 Electric Hand Held Saw

C14 Electric Hand Held Saw

14" Blade Capacity

Features & Benefits:

Diamond Products

Heavy Duty Orange Precast Core Bore Bit

HOL - General purpose, fast coring and long life

Made to resist segment failure from coring through pre-tensioned wire in precast materials. Very high quality diamond and long coring life.

HOL Core Bore Bit

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HOL General Purpose Core Bore Bit

H. D. Maxx


Diamond Products is pleased to announce a new, enhanced Heavy Duty Orange high speed diamond blades called the H.D. MAXX.

The Heavy Duty Orange MAXX offers the same Heavy Duty quality that you’ve grown to trust with an even longer life and faster cutting performance. This blade features heat isolation slots in the segment that keeps the blade cool during high speeds which extends the cutting life. The blade core has angled gullets for even more cooling action. These features along with the high quality diamonds.


H7H - reinforced concrete - hard materials
H8H - general purpose
H10H - asphalt, green concrete, brick and block

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HD Maxx

Heavy Duty Orange Small Diameter Blades

Even better quality & long life


H2H - Hard materials- concrete
E5H - Soft abrasive materials - asphalt, block

Small Diameter

Heavy Duty Orange V Crack Blades

  • Long blade life
  • Cleans, routs and repairs cracks in concrete and other materials
  • Fast cutting while leaving a clean groove
  • Segment design provides longer life
  • Segment width .250 at the widest point

Dry cutting products can also be cooled with water

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V Crack Blade

For use on right angle grinders


Diamond Products offers a wide selection of Cup Grinders. Each type having there own special purpose.


Standard Gold Single Row Cup Grinders

Better quality diamond and better grinding value


S5S -General grinding, heavy removal

For use on right angle grinders
Gold Single Row Cup Grinders
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Heavy Duty Orange Turbo Cup Grinders

  • General grinding and heavy removal
  • Spiral turbo for fast, aggressive grinding
  • Very high quality diamond and longer grinding life


For use on right angle grinders

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