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Proline offers many beautiful choices of textures and patterns, making it hard to decide. Being the leader in high quality decorative stamps, borders and hand tools is what Proline is all about. With the installer in mind, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Proline stands behind you with the "next generation" of tools to beautify your environment. Proline - the Professional's Choice.

Visit the our Proline Project GALLERY. The gallery is composed of images submitted by contractors of their work completed.

Dura-Liquid Release Agent

Proline Dura-Liquid Release Agent is a parting agent designed to prevent stamping tools from sticking to the substrate. It does this by creating a temporary, water-proof barrier between the fresh concrete and the textured mat. The barrier then evaporates quickly for easy cleanup. Proline Dura-Liquid Release Agent may also be pigmented and applied as a stain to enhance the ‘antique’ effect of textured finishes.

EZ-Tique Water-Based Antiquing Wash

Newly introduced by Proline, EZ-Tique Water Based Acrylic Antiquing Wash is taking the industry by storm. This versatile coloring agent is easily applied and will hold fast to any textured concrete surface. This powder is designed to mix with water and be applied as a liquid wash coat. EZ-Tique can be used to revitalize a weathered concrete surface or add an antique color to a freshly textured surface. It goes on quickly and easily and can be removed readily for greater control of the coloring process. This product is water-based, non-hazardous and zero V.O.C. EZ-Tique comes in 42 standard colors, as does Proline's Color Hardener and Antique Release. It comes in a 3 lb. pail and covers about 2,000 - 3,000 square feet per container, making this product extremely affordable.

Dura-Color EZ-Accent Water-Based Stain

Proline Dura Color EZ-Accent is a water-based acrylic stain that is specially formulated to accent any decorative concrete surface. It is a translucent stain that is designed to blend with the base color over which it is applied. EZ-Accent is quickly and easily applied to decorative concrete flatwork, vertical surfaces and rockscaped for accent colors and natural-looking variations. There are 15 standard EZ-Accent colors. Sold in 1 gallon containers with coverage between 400 and 800 square feet per gallon.


Proline’s extensive variety of over 150 patterns, each featuring the highest quality of lifelike images. These include decorative border stamps, seamless textures, and decorative accent stamps. Click on image for gallery view.