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Jaquith Industries manufactures the high strength BMF Metal Forms used to form concrete sidewalks, curbs and gutters, runways, roads, median barriers, bridge parapets and slabs for industrial, residential and commercial applications.


Modern highway programs seeking to safely build close lying divided highways are specifying concrete median barriers. BMF Median Barrier Forms are designed to meet State, interstate and Federal highway program specifications similar in application to the "New Jersey" style median barrier.

Our many years of engineering experience and manufacturing ability in producing metal forms for pouring concrete enables us to build median barrier forms to your specifications with the same excellence and high quality materials that has made BMF a by-word in the industry.

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BMF Super Forms are engineered for those projects where specifications require either full or partial battered design and, that the forms must be left in place until final set of the concrete. Super Forms permit the pulling of division plates immediately after the concrete is poured and vibrating specifications are met.

Super Curb Forms

Super Curb Form division plates are placed at the ends of the form and are edge-designed to permit pulling clearance for the plate, regardless of type of curb-vertical, partially battered, or fully battered. One Hi-Top spacer designed for external support of the forms is recommended and should be placed midway on the form.

Super Curb Forms are positively aligned by husky dowels in mating end connections. These connections assure squaring off of the division plates and alignment.

Three stake pockets per form are electro-welded under top rail and over bottom flange to form a box that gives maximum strength and support. Heavy 3/8" thick giant wedges permit uniform alignment independent of grade. All Super Forms have two holes in top and bottom flanges to permit stacking

BMF features a new add on Batter Plate designed especially for use with super curb forms. Specified batter is formed to 10" lengths (or shorter if required) and holes are punched to align with those in top rail of form . Slotted bolts and taper keys lock the plate to rail. When ordering, specify A & B dimensions for required length and batter.

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Here are forms built to help you knock out those bread-and-butter jobs pouring sidewalks. These forms are light but rugged. 0 -K Sidewalk Forms have a husky double flange at the top and a single flange at the bottom. Actual strength tests and years of experience have shown that this flange design has more than enough strength with the least amount of weight. The open flange on the bottom is easily flushed to remove spilled concrete.

0-K Sidewalk Forms feature the BMF slide cam lock. Here is an end lock made of tough 3/ 16-inch steel that needs no babying; a sharp blow with a hammer positively locks up the ends of the form in perfect alignment. The exclusive run-up wedge does the trick, locking the forms both vertically and horizontally. And they don't bind either, because every slide is hand fitted with a load button to the form to take up part of the locking stress and to prevent jam up from spilled concrete or dirt.

The 0-K stake pocket with the 3/ 8-inch thick giant wedge is a special feature of BMF forms. This stake pocket, which locks the forms securely to the stakes, is electrowelded to give extreme rigidity and durability. Its V-shape and its large open bottom makes it easy to remove spilled concrete. Because of these features, this line of forms is truly "0-K" to many of the country's concrete contractors.

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O-K Stake Pocket
  1. Maximum rigidity; pocket electrowelded to support top flange.
  2. Full height pocket; stake locked in contact with whole length of pocket
  3. Wide V-Neck throat
  4. Giant wedge, 3/8" thick; dimpled for retaining; no chain needed.
Slide Cam Lock
  1. Run-up wedge
  2. Slide cam surface
  3. Slide
  4. Slide retainer
  5. Load button


BMF heavy duty highway Paving Forms are engineered to withstand the rough use of today's heavy equipment. Fabricated of high quality, American made special alloy steel, these forms are designed to give greater load carrying ability - without twisting or deforming! When you buy BMF forms, you purchase the "know-how" gained from over 50 years experience in the form business.

Paving Forms

Slide cam lock assembly features a heavy duty channel welded to the face of the slide between the driving "ears" to eliminate bending or breaking. (See right) Guides allow ample clearance to prevent binding, yet align securely. Stake pockets butt firmly under rail and are welded to face, lower rail edge and base to give maximum support. Extra heavy 3/8" giant wedges keep forms anchored in line without drifting. BMF engineers have also designed a structural reinforcing system adaptable to all paving forms at a modest additional cost.

This system of heavy 1 /4" braces nearly doubles the strength of any form keeping weight at a minimum and is particularly recommended when side dump trucks are to be used. Factory experts are available to help you solve any paving problem. Call us today and let us help you build greater profits into your job with BMF forms.

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Median Barrier

Median Barrier form (similar to New Jersey style) is easily stacked on Barrier base form. This system permits two part base and Barrier pour or monolithic pour. Consult your your BMF Distributor for recommended pouring methods.


When split barrier is required or when only one side will be exposed to traffic (bridge parapet, entrance and exit ramps), a contoured form is replaced by a straight barrier form.

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