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Color concrete with our integral color, shake-on color hardener, or concrete stain systems. Transform standard concrete into an elegant natural stone, slate, brick or hardwood appearance with our stamping tools. From preparation to sealing we offer one place to obtain all of the compatible products and tools necessary to create nearly any desired vision.

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Cantera™ Vertical Wall Mix

Elements™ Transparent Concrete Stain

Flat Out® Countertop Mix

Pro Pack™ Countertop Admixture

T1000™ Fine Overlay

T1000™ Primer

T1000™ Stampable Overlay

Vertical Concrete Overlay

Gives a Natural Stone Appearance

Vertical concrete overlays can provide a new decorative finish to existing walls and other vertical surfaces. Mainly applied to existing concrete substrates, vertical wall mixes can also be applied to drywall, cement board, masonry, and brick. Create the appearance of natural stone, wood, brick, and masonry using vertical stamping tools, vertical texture & joint roller tools, or by hand carving a unique stone design. Vertical overlays are colored and stained using integral concrete color, acid stain and water based concrete stain.

Butterfield Color is pleased to introduce the Cantera™ vertical wall systems. This system consists of Cantera™ Vertical Wall Mix and the Butterfield Color® Vertical Wall Stamping Tools and Texture Rollers. The stamping tools and vertical texture rollers are designed for use with Cantera to create the look of natural stone. Once stamped and colored, the cured material creates a durable, natural looking and weather resistant surface that resembles natural stone.


Cantera Wall Mix

Cantera™ Vertical Wall Mix

T1000 Primer

T1000™ Primer

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T1000 Stampable OverlayT1000™ Stampable Overlay

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T1000 Fine OverlayT1000™ Fine Overlay


Concrete Countertops

Custom Design Options

In addition to decorative floors and walls, concrete countertops, tabletops and other concrete accent pieces are also in high demand to further enhance an interior or exterior space. The versatility of Butterfield Color® countertop products allow for truly unique and fully customized creations.


Flat Out® Countertop Mix


Concrete Staining Systems

For Both Interior and Exterior Construction

Concrete is an inherently attractive building material. It embodies the natural appeal of stone by its mass and permanence. Concrete stains are an excellent choice for producing colors often found in the earth and rock. Butterfield Color® staining systems are popular for their color range and durability.

Concrete stain provides a contemporary finish of floors, countertops, and even walls. Stains are applicable for both interior and exterior construction, and can be used with freshly cured or existing surfaces.

Butterfield Color® staining systems provide wide color variations, mottling, and unevenness of the color is normal and usually desired. If these coloring effects are not desired, Elements™ should not be used. When a more uniformly colored concrete is desired for new concrete installations, Uni-Mix® Integral Color or Perma-Cast® Shake-on Color Hardener should be specified.

Elements Waterbased Stain

Elements™ Transparent Concrete Stain



Butterfield Stamps

Vertical Wall Stamping Tools